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U.S. Military Lifts Ban on Self-Mutilation and Other Mental Disorders ~ Find out What’s Next

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U.S. Military Life Ban on Self-Mutilation and Other Mental Disorders ~ Find out What’s Next

I am a staunch advocate for paying attention to the signs and giving serious consideration to what they mean for me and those I care about, so when I read that the United States Military is lifting its ban on enlistees who self-mutilate, as well as other forms of mental disorders including bipolar disorder, depression and more, I immediately ask, why?

According to the report that I read, the military is looking to enlist 80,000 individuals in 2018. What this tells me is that are preparing for military conflict. While this could be simply a move to establish a strong enough military presence to serve as a deterrent, my recent research convinces me it is more.

War is big money, and I am aware of certain entities that have been pushing for major conflict for some time.

So, what does all of this mean for Blacks? Now that the ban has been lifted, look for those who are finding it hard to find gameful employment to be targeted through ad campaigns that push patriotism, the GI Bill, national responsibility and more. Because Black males are impacted by poverty and a lack of access to jobs, they will become primary targets for these campaigns.

This means that we have to be prepared to offer our young men alternatives. We don’t have Black men to sacrifice to a war built around greed. We currently have more than 1.5 million men missing from the Black community as a result of volitional exercise, varied incapacitation, and mass incarceration (via the Private Prison Industrial Complex).

The times in which kings and generals entered the battlefield with their warriors have long since passed, so now the decision to go to war is made with the casualness as choosing to the flavor of your coffee. It is the responsibility of the Black collective to protect our future by standing guard over our young men. It is our duty to give them an alternative to serving in a military that does not value their lives.

We only have to look as far as Sgt. La David Johnson who lost his life while on a secret covert mission in Niger. A U.S. soldier who was found bound and executed. The U.S. Government has yet to provide an explanation of what these soldiers were doing in Niger that got them killed. They have disrespected this man’s wife and she has admitted that she can’t even be sure that his body was in the casket that arrived in the U.S.

This is a time in which the Black collective must be proactive in protecting our interests. If we fail to do so, we could be witnessing the beginning of our end as we know it. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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