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Mike Pence Leaves Colts Game with False Indignation in Obvious PR Stunt

Mike Pence Leaves Colts Game with False Indignation in Obvious PR Stunt

Mike Pence ceremoniously left the Indianapolis Colts game in protest of the fact that players were taking a knee during the national anthem. He would later tweet about his indignation and refusal to be at a game in which the flag, military, and anthem were being disrespected.

Anyone seeing this through a clear lens can see that this was a PR stunt intended to once again rewrite the narrative and misdirect attention from the real issues surrounding the protests around the NFL.

First, San Francisco has had the highest number of NFL players protesting in silence all season, Pence knew that they would protest; therefore, he already knew that he would be leaving before the game started.

We are going to have to remain focused and make sure that the attention remains on the issues at hand, the murder of unarmed Black men by White police officers and systematic inequity as far as economic opportunity is concerned. Anyone who insists that players just shut up and play is saying that they are okay with the status quo. Anyone who is more concern about a flag that the loss of innocent life is sending a message that they are okay with the status quo.

This is why we must weaponize our dollars to send a message that the status quo is no longer acceptable.

~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.

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