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African American Adolescent and Young-Adult Male Violence

African American Adolescent and Young-Adult Male Violence

I have endeavored on more than one occasion to advance the cause of addressing the enigmatic issues surrounding the prevalence of violence as it pertains to Black males, especially adolescent and young adult Black males. When you examine the occurrence of violence in Black neighborhoods in cities across the United States, the numbers are staggering. In Chicago, there have been weekends recorded in which there were more than 50 shootings in that short time span. By the end February of this year, the city had already logged 100 murders (Williams-Harris, Crepeau, & Malagon, 2017) In the small city of Wilmington, Delaware, with murder rate of 1,638 per 100,000 people, with a population just over 71,000, the city has a murder rate more than four times the national average, with the vast majority of these violent crimes being committed in Black communities (Jones, 2014).

While the numbers associated with the murders and violent crimes in Chicago and Wilmington have been sensationalized, cities around the country are facing similar problems in varying numbers and varying degrees of impact. There is definitely an epidemic of violence being perpetuated in Black neighborhoods. What is important is that we gain a lucid perspicacity of causality for the purpose of direct engagement. One of the problems that plague the Black collective is the failure to develop the knowledge of how things work.

Moving forward, it is important to understand that the Law of Cause and Effect is always at play, every situation is the result of an underlying cause. Absolutely nothing takes place in a vacuum, even the most minute of occurrences have a cause. When you are not aware of the Law of Cause and Effect, you tend to become the effect of causes you are completely unaware of. I have invested more than 60,000 hours into conducting scientific research associated with the current dilemmas that Blacks face on a consistent basis. There are multitudinous enigmatic issues that are highly pervasive in the Black cultural reality, and these issues must be systematically addressed if we ever intend on rising out of the quicksand of social ineptitude…

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